What is Dacha, anyway?

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In a nation that is home to such a variety of backgrounds, cultures and languages, South Africa is rich in way more than extremely resourceful and strong people. Africa as a whole is even richer, with dense nutrients and minerals in her soil and a multitude of ecosystems on one continent – There’s not much that can’t happen with land on our mother ground.

This is where our inspiration comes from, at the heart of it all. Centuries ago, the hunter gatherers were using the wild cannabis plant for medicinal purposes – pain relief, skin irritations, and in some extreme cases – to ease the child birthing process. This healing plant was named Dacha and is where the later Afrikaans word, “dagga” stems from.

Present day, Dacha Wellness, Bush’s umbrella company, has drawn inspiration from these wise wanderers & has incorporated the carefully extracted raw material into high quality products for the modern world. We believe so strongly in this plant, and in nature in general, which is why the Bush Wellness range includes Rooibos, Shea Butter, Almond Oil and other wonderful nature inspired ingredients as well.

At the core of it, Bush is not just a product range. Dacha Wellness is not just a company – This is a movement that merges ancient healing plants with the lifestyle we’re all living today in an effort to take you back to your roots. Our intention is to help you re-member where you came from and what your body naturally calls for. We’re here to remind you that Wellness is not a skin routine or a green smoothie. Wellness is something that stems from who you are inside and how you carry yourself into the world.

What is Dacha? It’s just a plant, with a massive purpose. It’s our responsibility to share that purpose.


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