All About Us

Our Story

Born out of an unyielding love and profound reverence for Nature’s boundless healing powers, we embarked on a journey to weave her magic into every aspect of our existence. At the heart of our tale lies a passion, a burning desire to nurture the Dacha lifestyle – an ode to the harmony between humanity and the natural world. For the seekers of the extraordinary, those who crave the finest for their skin, body and overall well-being, we crafted a symphony of products designed to elevate their experience.

Drawing inspiration from the very essence of Nature’s benevolence, we carefully curated each creation to deliver nothing short of perfection. Guided by a pursuit of excellence, we handpicked the finest quality oils and ingredients, ensuring that our offerings not only pamper but empower each and every user.

The soul of Dacha Wellness resides in our unyielding commitment to blend ancient wisdom with modern marvels, cherishing the profound knowledge passed down through generations. Each product is a testament to this harmonious fusion, a celebration of our shared journey with nature.

Connecting People to Plants

“I love Bush because it speaks to a movement. It is more than a product, it is a lifestyle brand. As Cape Town and the rest of the world evolve to be more and more open to CBD, we have met the market where it is and included the added benefit of local raw South African ingredients, making it truly unique, competitive, and something I include into my self-care routine daily.”