CBD For Your Skin


CBD seems to be taking over in all kinds of ways – It’s a go-to for many to assist with anxiety, depression, PTSD, pain, inflammation, and the list goes on. All of these tend to make sense to someone, until products are starting to put CBD into skincare, body products and other luxury feel-good items.

Will it make me sleep on my laptop if I apply the CBD Body Butter it after my morning shower? No. It won’t make you high either – All of our products have zero THC, and all the benefits. This is where your next question comes in – Why or how does it actually benefit my skin?

Your answer is not complicated, and it will make you want to live on our Online Shop. Applying CBD topically has shown to reduce signs of age, inflammation, skin irritations & scarring. It also prevents the over-production of Sebum, which is the oily substance responsible for acne. So you can kiss those pimples away if you find the right product for you.

Bush Wellness has chosen the finest CBD to infuse into our range, and we’ve combined it with skin-loving ingredients such as Rooibos, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Grape Seed Oil. Subtle fragrances, all the luxury and double the benefit.

Don’t just live your Best Life – Live the Bush Life. xx

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