Bush Personal Lubricant – What is that anyway?


As one of our retailers would appropriately say “It’s a lubricant for your whole person.” (We love you, Dew). Although when we first brought this product out into the market, it was intended to be a personal lubricant in the most traditional way – An intimate lube for couples, those sensual moments on your own and (quote) a “marriage saver” – we have learned over the past year that it is much, much more than that.

Our steps to discovering this product’s true magic started when we received a hilarious testimonial from a couple in the Midlands after they had come back from holiday with their kids. They had spent an overcast day on the boat so they didn’t think too much about reapplying sunblock as one usually would. It was only when they got home & their toddler’s skin literally started bubbling that they realised that the sun nailed them all. They were out in the middle of nowhere with no After Sun care & they were all in agony. Luckily, Mom brought her Bush Personal Lube & knew that it was loaded with 200mg of nature’s finest anti-inflammatory. They were then all lathered head to toe in our Lube and she said that literally in the space of 24 hours, their skin was almost back to normal.

For us, the situation made us laugh at first, mainly at the thought of someone covered in Lube. But – Ours is different to others in the sense that it is oil based and not sticky & gel-like, like other Lubes. We have literally 5 ingredients in that bottle, friends:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Derived from coconut oil & used as an emollient & skin replenisher)
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Vitamin E (Lots of it)
  • 200mg high quality CBD, sourced in-house

… Almost a no-brainer as to why this isn’t being used for MORE?

Cue, Dew. Dew is a Balinese Massage Therapist down south who is currently flying through our Lube because he’s been using it as a massage oil in his treatments & his clients are raving about it. The texture, the soothing qualities, the pretty much everything about it is what is keeping people coming back for more and more. Plus, Dew has magic hands – We had to book a massage with him to see for ourselves, and yes, our Lube is indeed one of the best massage oils we’ve experienced.

Can you use it everyday? – Yes. We do, we have started lathering it on our bodies like it’s Tissue Oil!

Can you get high? – No, there is zero THC in our products. But you may feel elated, simply because your skin is feeling so freaking amazing.

Is it Safe? Yes. This has been tested for all the intended uses time and time and time again, and to this day we have had not one single red flag. We’ve kept the ingredients simple for a reason.

We’ve noticed that people are generally really shy to buy a Personal Lubricant. Not only are we saying that you should be feeling absolutely free with your intimate requirements and preferences, but we’re also saying that you can always use the excuse of sensitive skin if you feel someone eye-ing you at the check-out counter.

We’d love to hear your feedback and questions around this product, or any of the products, for that matter. Reach out to us at any time on info@bush-wellness.com.

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