What is Dacha, anyway?

In a nation that is home to such a variety of backgrounds, cultures and languages, South Africa is rich in way more than extremely resourceful and strong people. Africa as a whole is even richer, with dense nutrients and minerals in her soil and a multitude of ecosystems on one continent – There’s not much […]

What is CBD?


What is CBD? How do I apply it? What is all the fuss about? From Tincture to toe, we’ve got you covered. First Things First… What is CBD, and how do I use it? What is all the hype about? These are questions that we’ve been receiving from some of our readers and followers. All […]

CBD For Your Skin

CBD seems to be taking over in all kinds of ways – It’s a go-to for many to assist with anxiety, depression, PTSD, pain, inflammation, and the list goes on. All of these tend to make sense to someone, until products are starting to put CBD into skincare, body products and other luxury feel-good items. […]

Bush Personal Lubricant – What is that anyway?

As one of our retailers would appropriately say “It’s a lubricant for your whole person.” (We love you, Dew). Although when we first brought this product out into the market, it was intended to be a personal lubricant in the most traditional way – An intimate lube for couples, those sensual moments on your own […]

CBD for Mental Power

We’ve become increasingly interested over the past while to see just how deep the effects of the genus cannabis plant can have on humans and animals. We all know that CBD can help with anxiety, stress, sleep disorders and many other feel-good factors. We also are aware of it’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties, which is why […]